What is an Employee Assistance Program?

PowerVision’s Employee Assistance Program or EAP is a tool companies can use to enhance the productivity and emotional health of their human resources.

Individual Issues 

An employee may avail of the EAP for personal and work-related concerns by anonymously contacting PowerVision for a consultation. The EAP counselor may provide assessment, short-term counseling interventions, and referral to external resources for any further treatment necessary.  The EAP counselor may also help employees enhance their life skills through coaching.   And our legal and financial consultants can provide employees with helpful information to plan their next steps on personal and family  concerns involving money and legal issues.   The program you choose for your company may be extended to cover the dependents of your employees.

Trauma and Crisis Management

PowerVision assists its EAP clients in preparing for, and handling crisis situations, such as workplace violence, suicide, disasters and individual traumatic incidents.


PowerVision’s EAP also provides educational talks and workshops on various topics to help employees handle life’s common issues before they blow up into bigger problems.

Management Support

PowerVision also extends its expertise to client managers, supervisors and HR personnel through consultations on handling troubled employees.  Counseling can support employees with performance problems by helping them cope with personal issues that may be affecting their focus and work engagement.


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