About Us

PowerVision EAP helps companies and organizations bring out the best in their human resources. Our services include:

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Our team of counselors, financial and legal consultants help employees deal with personal and work-related issues that impact their performance. The employees’ privacy is ensured while PowerVision provides management a periodic analysis of common issues and trends for proactive intervention at an organizational level.
  • As part of our EAP service, we also provide  Crisis and Trauma Management support.
    • When your people experience crisis, such as natural disasters, personal tragedies, accidents, assaults, suicide threats, and other traumatic events as an individual or group, our counselors can help them recover and get back to normal. We partner with you to provide education, assessment, counseling and monitoring for affected personnel.
  • Executive  Coaching: Our counselors help people develop and apply new attitudes, skills, and habits to enable them to live more satisfying and effective lives at work and at home.
  • Training: We conduct fun and learning-filled workshops that address common personal and interpersonal issues in the workplace. 


PowerVision’s Story

After leaving Unilever Philippines as its Head of Information Technology in 2000, Jean Lim sought an alternative career that would allow her to impact the lives of people in a more direct and meaningful way.   This led Jean to the Alliance Graduate School where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Christian Counseling.

Jean put up PowerVision Career Counseling Services in 2004, with the intention of helping others find their career direction and life purpose.  PowerVision expanded its scope when it was engaged by a large technology company in 2005 to provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help their people cope with personal and work-related issues.

To help make the lives of working professionals easier, PowerVision has further beefed up its EAP service with legal and financial consultations. PowerVision and abides by the standards and ethics of the Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA). 

PowerVision was incorporated in 2013 as PowerVision EAP Inc.

The PowerVision Team

Jean Lim combines over 20 years of management and consulting expertise with over 10 years of counseling experience to provide organizations with a solid framework for implementing employee wellness and personal development programs.  Jean is a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and obtained her Professional Education Certificate in Employee Assistance Programs from the Catholic University of America.  She is also a Solution-Focused Practitioner and an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation.

Jean is joined by a team of affiliate counselors with a wealth of experience on a whole range of life problems as well as clinical cases. PowerVision  also has on board a counseling supervisor to ensure quality service.  The PowerVision team has handled clients of all ages coming from different cultures and backgrounds.  PowerVision also has alliances with psychiatrists for medical care, and financial and legal consultants for specialized counseling or coaching in these areas.


  • Professional and ethical service
  • Respect for the client
  • Passion for clients’ growth and well-being
  • Reliance on God


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