Simplifying Relationships

Do relationships really have to be stressful and complicated?

Whether you are struggling with romantic, family or work relationships, there are ways to keep things simple between you and the people you care for:

Cheerleading Clipart

Be a cheerleader to others.  Make it a habit to find something good to say to your partner, family members or co-workers every day, and you will soon feel better about each other!

If you really have to say something negative, suggest the opposite, positive behavior instead.  “I wish you can be on time” is more encouraging than “I wish you won’t be late”.  Focus on the behavior and not the person.  You can say “Please just remind me
once” instead of “You’re such a nagger!”.


Keep cool when the other person is too emotional.  A shouting match is not likely to resolve your conflict. “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger”.   If needed, suggest that you discuss the matter when both of you are more calm and objective.

Keeping our relationships healthy and strong takes time and effort, but once you develop good communication habits, it will be much simpler and most rewarding!


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