Here are some of our training topics …


  • Anger Management 101. Understanding your temper triggers.  Managing your anger.  Tips on dealing with someone who is angry.
  • Dealing with Depression. Self-assessment: are you depressed?  Tips on how to move out of depression.  Helping someone who is depressed.
  • Getting Through Quarter Life Crisis. Understanding life transitions.  Identifying your life goals and values.  Checking your alignment.  Getting on track.
  • HabitForming Secrets. Identifying habits to work on.  Setting up your new habit.  Staying motivated to keep your new habit.
  • Moving on from Loss. Understanding grief.  Identifying your coping strategies.  Healing painful memories.  Rebuilding your life.
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Fears. Identifying what’s behind your anxiety.  Evaluating and challenging your fears.  Developing serenity.   Relaxation exercise.
  • Relationship Builders. Identifying relationship killers that harm your relationships.  Discovering how to enhance and enrich your relationships.
  • Resiliency Training.  Understanding what makes a person resilient.  Identifying your strengths.  Focusing on what’s important.  Developing flexibility.
  • Self-Confidence: Developing An Assertive Attitude.  Differences between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour.  Knowing your assertive rights.  Challenging fears of being assertive.
  • Stress Management by Thinking Cool. Understanding your stressors.  Shifting from “stressed out” to “cool thinking”.  Turning cool thoughts into actions.
  • Work Life Balance. Identifying priorities.  Assessing your current lifestyle.  Time management tips.  Maintaining your action plan.
  • Working Smart: Time and Task Management Tips.  Identifying time wasters.  Prioritizing and scheduling tasks.  Keeping your focus.  Developing margin.


  • Employee Coaching Skills. Coaching and your role as a people developer.  Understanding the Coaching Roadmap.  Practicing basic coaching skills:  listening, asking questions, giving feedback.
  • Giving Feedback. Feedback as a development tool.  Giving positive feedback as a habit.    Giving constructive feedback comfortably & effectively.
  • Listening to Your Team. Listening to understand.  Listening to empower.  Listening for solutions.   Body language do’s and don’ts.
  • Resolving Conflicts In Your Team. Your role as a Lead.  Working towards mutual understanding and shared goals.  Avoiding common pitfalls.


  • Assertive Communication. Differences between passive, aggressive and assertive communication.  Putting POOH into your communication:  proactivity, ownership, objectivity, heart.  Practical tips and techniques.
  • Effective Team Relationships. Understanding behavioural styles. Developing versatility in your behavioural style.  Relating effectively with people with different behavioural styles.  Creating synergy from your differences.  (ideal for one team to attend together)
  • Preventing Workplace Bullying. Defining what is considered “bullying”.  Effects of bullying on the team and the team member.  Coaching the bullies and the bullied in your team.  Advocating respect in your workplace. (for Leads and Managers).
  • Relationship Builders. Identifying relationship killers that harm your relationships.  Discovering relationship builders to enhance and enrich your relationships.


  • Parenting Tips
  • Relationship Builders
  • Secrets of a Healthy Marriage
  • Strengthening Your Family


  • Dealing with Sexual Harassment Cases. Covers legal and psychological aspects of sexual harassment.
  • Peer Support Training. Helping a team member in crisis:  when might you need to do this?  Developing empathic listening skills.  Practicing Psychological First Aid.  Do’s and don’ts.

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